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Job No: OB-2846 (1) Building
Building Type: Warehouse
Client: Public Establishment and Industrial Est., Oman
Usage: Miscellaneous  |   Industry: Logistics and Shipping
Area: 16500 m2  Weight: 666 MT
Job No: NB-5353 (6) Buildings
Building Type: Factory
Client: Hazama Corp., Vietnam
Usage: TBE  |   Industry: Manufacturing
Area: 28171 m2  Weight: 657 MT
Job No: L1-1334 (4) Buildings
Building Type: Factory
Client: Obayashi Co., Vietnam
Usage: Factory  |   Industry: Manufacturing
Area: 19730 m2  Weight: 646 MT
Job No: Y2-D784 (1) Building
Building Type: Super Market
Client: PE. LA. Domiki E.P.E., Greece
Usage: Jumbo  |   Industry: Commercial
Area: 0 m2  Weight: 634 MT
Job No: 3S-0822 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Keihin Automobiles, Karnataka, India
Usage: Manufacturing Facility  |   Industry: Automotive
Area: 122556 m2  Weight: 629 MT
Job No: RB-5334 (25) Buildings
Building Type: Power Station
Client: Saudi Electric Co., Saudi Arabia
Usage: SCECO Riyadh  |   Industry: Energy
Area: 11026 m2  Weight: 625 MT
Job No: 6E-0656 (1) Building
Building Type: Food and Beverage
Client: Abis Exports India Pvt. Ltd., India
Usage: Food and Beverage  |   Industry: Food and Beverage
Area: 768 m2  Weight: 623 MT
Job No: HB-4477 (2) Buildings
Building Type: Factory
Client: Thikeco, Vietnam
Usage: Daiwoo Hanel J.V.  |   Industry: Construction
Area: 22500 m2  Weight: 621 MT
Job No: HB-5272 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Motorcycle Spares, Vietnam
Usage: Spare parts  |   Industry: Automotive
Area: 11200 m2  Weight: 619 MT
Job No: D2-2273 (1) Building
Building Type: Cold Store
Client: El Maleka Food Industries, Egypt
Usage: El Maleka Food Industries  |   Industry: Food and Beverage
Area: 7680 m2  Weight: 612 MT