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Job No: A2-D589 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Lv Package Substation Fac., Saudi Arabia
Usage: Al Fanar Electrical System  |   Industry: Construction
Area: 15089 m2  Weight: 611 MT
Job No: L3-2291 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: L and J G Stickley Co., Vietnam
Usage: Factory  |   Industry: Manufacturing
Area: 16817 m2  Weight: 611 MT
Job No: A2-6954 (1) Building
Building Type: Museum
Client: Saqr Al Jazira Airforce Museum, Saudi Arabia
Usage: Defence  |   Industry: Aviation
Area: 1500 m2  Weight: 600 MT
Job No: B4-B146 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Al Shafar, United Arab Emirates
Usage: Hard Block Factory  |   Industry: Construction
Area: 12506 m2  Weight: 600 MT
Job No: DB-5200 (1) Building
Building Type: Recreational
Client: Toy Town (FAFCO), Saudi Arabia
Usage: Toys  |   Industry: Entertainment
Area: 8622 m2  Weight: 600 MT
Job No: J2-6769 (3) Buildings
Building Type: Factory
Client: R.M. Continuous Galvanizing, Bangladesh
Usage: Steel Galvanizing  |   Industry: Metals and Metallurgy
Area: 7500 m2  Weight: 600 MT
Job No: J3-8179 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Nishat Dyeing and Finishing Mills, Pakistan
Usage: Textile Dyeing and Finishing  |   Industry: Apparel
Area: 22620 m2  Weight: 595 MT
Job No: UB-5835 (8) Buildings
Building Type: Warehouse
Client: Al Tayer, United Arab Emirates
Usage: Warehouse  |   Industry: Logistics and Shipping
Area: 26934 m2  Weight: 591 MT
Job No: B6-6647 (1) Building
Building Type: Showroom
Client: Land Rover Sales, Service and Parts Center, Oman
Usage: Car Showroom  |   Industry: Automotive
Area: 9500 m2  Weight: 585 MT
Job No: DB-5383 (5) Buildings
Building Type: Factory
Client: Middle East Power Co., Saudi Arabia
Usage: Batteries  |   Industry: Automotive
Area: 2885 m2  Weight: 583 MT