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Job No: ZB-5510 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Ytong Co. Ltd., China
Usage: Shanghai Ytong  |   Industry: Manufacturing
Area: 8748 m2  Weight: 448 MT
Job No: L3-6859 (1) Building
Building Type: Recreational
Client: PEB Indo China Ltd., Vietnam
Usage: The People Committee of Dong  |   Industry: Entertainment
Area: 6600 m2  Weight: 443 MT
Job No: H1-8975 (1) Building
Building Type: Spinning Mill
Client: Ramatex Berhad, Namibia
Usage: Spinning Mill  |   Industry: Apparel
Area: 19746 m2  Weight: 437 MT
Job No: 2S-0172 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Ashley Alteams, India
Usage: HPDC Plant  |   Industry: Manufacturing
Area: 10652 m2  Weight: 434 MT
Job No: 1W-0466 (1) Building
Building Type: Manufacturing Facility
Client: Astute Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra, India
Usage: Manufacturing Facility  |   Industry: Foundry
Area: 6113 m2  Weight: 425 MT
Job No: L3-7163 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: PEB Indo China Ltd., Vietnam
Usage: Toyo Tissue Paper Mill  |   Industry: Healthcare
Area: 18258 m2  Weight: 425 MT
Job No: Y1-7032 (1) Building
Building Type: Warehouse
Client: Philoktimatiki, Cyprus
Usage: Argosy Central Distribution Co  |   Industry: Commercial
Area: 5364 m2  Weight: 424 MT
Job No: DB-3740 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Modern Building System, Saudi Arabia
Usage: TBE  |   Industry: Construction
Area: 0 m2  Weight: 422 MT
Job No: A2-7650 (2) Buildings
Building Type: Factory
Client: Saudi Weimer and Trading, Saudi Arabia
Usage: Saudi Cement Co.  |   Industry: Construction
Area: 11165 m2  Weight: 419 MT
Job No: B3-B942 (2) Buildings
Building Type: Warehouse
Client: Tadmur Trading and Contracting Co., Qatar
Usage: Warehouse And Labour Accommodation  |   Industry: Construction
Area: 7255 m2  Weight: 416 MT