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Job No: UB-5676 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Emirates Glass, United Arab Emirates
Usage: Factory and Office  |   Industry: Construction
Area: 9600 m2  Weight: 402 MT
Job No: JB-89 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Ariston, Saudi Arabia
Usage: Water Heaters  |   Industry: Commercial
Area: 11044 m2  Weight: 395 MT
Job No: L1-2468 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Shimizu Corp., Vietnam
Usage: Factory  |   Industry: Construction
Area: 12881 m2  Weight: 394 MT
Job No: L1-1313 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Electronic Factory, Vietnam
Usage: Factory  |   Industry: Energy
Area: 6960 m2  Weight: 393 MT
Job No: KF-3440 (1) Building
Building Type: Commercial Complex
Client: Farwania Commercial Center, Kuwait
Usage: Commercial Center  |   Industry: Commercial
Area: 8954 m2  Weight: 387 MT
Job No: NB-4587 (2) Buildings
Building Type: Factory
Client: Yazaki EDS Vietnam Ltd., Vietnam
Usage: Wire Harness  |   Industry: Energy
Area: 14288 m2  Weight: 383 MT
Job No: J3-E155 (3) Buildings
Building Type: Factory and Offices
Client: Factory Hall, Pakistan
Usage: Ravi Auto Industries  |   Industry: Automotive
Area: 13250 m2  Weight: 383 MT
Job No: L3-3122 (1) Building
Building Type: Workshop
Client: Obayashi Vietnam Corporation, Vietnam
Usage: -  |   Industry: Automotive
Area: 11076 m2  Weight: 378 MT
Job No: D3-2287 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Dubai Apparel, Egypt
Usage: -  |   Industry: Apparel
Area: 18200 m2  Weight: 375 MT
Job No: RB-1896 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Al Shark Plastic, Saudi Arabia
Usage: Plastic Products  |   Industry: Chemicals
Area: 9241 m2  Weight: 373 MT