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Job No: NB-4115 (4) Buildings
Building Type: Factory
Client: Taekwang Vina Co., Ltd., Vietnam
Usage: Shoes  |   Industry: Apparel
Area: 28941 m2  Weight: 817 MT
Job No: W2-D343 (1) Building
Building Type: Warehouse
Client: Appolo Center Block C, Romania
Usage: Elcyrom Reality SRL  |   Industry: Logistics and Shipping
Area: 10000 m2  Weight: 806 MT
Job No: C3-D065 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Ourfali Group, Syria
Usage: Ceramic Factory  |   Industry: Manufacturing
Area: 24700 m2  Weight: 800 MT
Job No: RB-3445 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Al Jeraisy Furniture Co., Saudi Arabia
Usage: Furniture  |   Industry: Manufacturing
Area: 19872 m2  Weight: 795 MT
Job No: A1-8254 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Saudi Weimer and Trading, Saudi Arabia
Usage: Pipe Expansion  |   Industry: Construction
Area: 11164 m2  Weight: 772 MT
Job No: B6-8971 (1) Building
Building Type: Hyper Market
Client: Safeer Hyper Market, Oman
Usage: Hypermarket  |   Industry: Commercial
Area: 6191 m2  Weight: 745 MT
Job No: HB-4585 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Crown Corks and Seal Co. Ltd., Vietnam
Usage: Cans  |   Industry: Food and Beverage
Area: 12312 m2  Weight: 733 MT
Job No: NB-5047 (1) Building
Building Type: Factory
Client: Nagarjuna Sugar Factory, Vietnam
Usage: Sugar  |   Industry: Food and Beverage
Area: 15060 m2  Weight: 729 MT
Job No: J3-B921 (5) Buildings
Building Type: Factory and Offices
Client: Denim Plant, Pakistan
Usage: U.S. Denim Mills Ltd  |   Industry: Apparel
Area: 23575 m2  Weight: 725 MT
Job No: 1W-0311 (1) Building
Building Type: Parking
Client: Lavasa Corporation Ltd, India
Usage: Multi Level Parking  |   Industry: Automotive
Area: 2376 m2  Weight: 720 MT