Zamil Structural Steel Co. Ltd.

Material Planning

The Zamil Structural Steel Company Limited – ZSSC, Material Planning Department operates under the umbrella of Supply Chain Management. Material Planning stage starts after the project is awarded to ZSSC through the Material Planning and Control Department.

The department is responsible for the management and planning of the supply chain process with regards to raw material, and fasteners and other special buyouts and is processed through the Material Planning and Control Department. It is also liable for monitoring material orders of each projects closely through weekly tracking report until the materials are completely received at shop. This powerful "Material Tracking Report" is used for planning the fabrication of all projects, and to update customers about the status of their project as well.

Major activities also include the following:

  • Close involvement and coordination with the Purchasing Department of Supply Chain Management in sourcing process and selection of optimum suppliers whose delivery dates satisfy the project’s requirements.
  • Close involvement with the Project Management in forecasting the monthly production, leading to the proper planning of sourcing the material.


Bashar Al Hanbali
Director, Supply Chain Management

"ZSSC uses Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications for the planning, ordering, tracking, receiving, and issuance of materials."

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

  • 12-14 October 2015: KOGS
    The 2nd Kuwait Oil & Gas, Kuwait
  • 09-12 November 2015: ADIPEC, Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi Int'l Petroleum Exhibition & Conference
  • 06–09 December 2015: IPTC, Qatar
    International Petroleum Technology Conference

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