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Quality Control

Our Quality Management System is certified for ISO 9001-2008. The system ensures that our product adequately complies with the standards and specifications required by the customer.

Our QA/QC activities guarantee that materials supplied by us comply with the required standard specifications. We also ensure that all employees affecting the quality of the final product are well trained and equipped with calibrated measuring/monitoring instruments to perform their assigned tasks with utmost proficiency.

Inspection activities start from the receipt of raw material through the manufacturing and galvanizing until final shipment. Computerised In-house Mechanical Testing Lab ensures that raw material is tested and approved before fabrication.

Trained and highly skilled QC Staff conduct inspection at every stage of production.

Traceability, starting from receiving raw material until shipment of the final product, is well maintained and recorded in the QA/QC Fabrication Checklist.

Periodical galvanizing tests and other chemical tests are conducted at In-house chemical lab and approved Independent Labs respectively to monitor various galvanizing process parameters.

Company Profile > Quality Control