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ZSCC is a full-service architectural, design, engineering and construction company that combine experienced management with competent sub-contractors through advanced construction management methods to achieve performance goals. We are your single, reliable source for full-service construction projects across the middle-east.

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Distinguished Projects

North Park Office Complex | Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Contractor Registration

Eligible to be an ZSCC Contractor, all companies must be registered as an approved contractor as per ZSCC rules and regulations.

Contractors Registration Requirements

Companies interested in registering are required to provide the following information to ZSCC, and complete the forms:

  1. Letter from the organization containing information about organization activities.
  2. Copy of Commercial license.
  3. Copy of Chamber of Commerce registration.
  4. Copy of Saudization certificate.
  5. Organization chart with key persons identifying management roles.
  6. List of owners/board members & share holders if applicable.
  7. Contact person details (Phone, Mobile, Email, etc..)
  8. Detailed list of Projects/Contracts handled by company within the last 5 years
    • (with project type, amounts and client contact details for reference)
  9. Copy of distribution, agency and authorization agreements with other companies/manufacturers, in details.
  10. Audited financial statements of the organization for the past 3 years.
  11. Any accreditation/certification documents if applicable.
  12. HSE plan details.


Contact Us > Contractor Registration