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ZSCC is a full-service architectural, design, engineering and construction company that combine experienced management with competent sub-contractors through advanced construction management methods to achieve performance goals. We are your single, reliable source for full-service construction projects across the middle-east.

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Affiliated Companies

Zamil Steel Pre-Engineered Buildings Co. Ltd.

Zamil Steel Pre-Engineered Buildings Co. Ltd. was established in 1977 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of pre-engineered steel buildings.

At Zamil Steel, we focus on meeting the needs of our worldwide customers for durable, affordable and versatile steel structures. After thirty years in business, our customers remain our first priority. Every building that we design, manufacture, and deliver for erection is created with the satisfaction of the future occupants and owners in mind.

Zamil Steel Pre-Engineered Buildings Co. Ltd. is the oldest and largest of the Zamil Steel Holding companies. Our Dammam based PEB factory is the largest single PEB factory in the world. It has a monthly production capacity of 9,500 metric tons. We commissioned more pre-engineered buildings factories in Egypt, India, UAE and Vietnam expanding our total PEB production capacity to 30,000 MT per month.

Zamil Structural Steel Co. Ltd.

Welcome to Zamil Structural Steel Company Ltd. – ZSSC. The leading steel fabricator. Known Worldwide as the Middle East leading structural steel fabricator – ZSSC was established in 1983 to offer its expertise in the fabrication and installation of structural steel and plate works for various industrial and commercial applications.

With production capacity of 84,000 MT per year, and a plant facility area of 182, 836 M2, ZSSC has been supplying fabricated structural steel and plate works for major power & desalination plants, petrochemical plants, oil & gas sector, cement plants, steel mills, high-rise building projects as well as other industrial and commercial complexes within KSA, Gulf and export markets, such as Algeria, Jordan, Portugal, Cyprus, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan and others.

Zamil Towers & Galvanizing Co. Ltd.

Zamil Towers & Galvanizing Company Ltd. started operation in 1985 when Zamil Towers entered into a technical collaboration with ABB SAE Rebosio S.r.l., of Italy, for transfer of technology in the field of design, detailing and manufacturing of galvanized lattice steel towers, in which they are the world renowned pioneers.

Zamil Process Equipment Co. Ltd.

Established in 2003, Zamil Process Equipment Company Ltd. (ZPEC) is one of the business units of Zamil Steel Holding, ZPEC has a large production capacity, with expertise in the field of manufacturing, site construction and heavy lift.

Zamil Air Conditioners Holding Co. Ltd.

Zamil Air Conditioners Holding Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Zamil Industrial Investment Co., was founded in 1974 as pioneer in the Saudi Arabian air conditioning industry, the company has expanded over the past four decades to become a leading international manufacturer of air conditioning systems and is currently the leading producer in the Middle East.

Zamil Air Conditioners designs, manufactures, tests, markets and services a comprehensive range of air conditioning products, from compact room air conditioners and mini splits to large scale central air conditioners, chillers and air handling units for highly specialized commercial and industrial applications. The company's products and services are marketed under various brand names – Classic, Cooline, CoolCare, Clima Tech and Geoclima – depending on the specific market. Zamil Air Conditioners factories are located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, Italy and India.

Building Component Solutions (LLC)

Building Component Solutions (LLC) BCOMS factory is located in Dammam Second Industrial City. The company produces more than 1,500,000 square meters annually of sprayed Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam and Mineral Wool sandwich panels in compliance with the international standards and norms.

The continuous production process on double conveyor-belt adopted by BCOMS is considered as the most innovative process for manufacturing Class A Polyisocyanurate (PIR) panels as well as high quality Mineral Wool sandwich panels meeting the international standards of the industry.

BCOMS offer engineering services and turnkey solutions for the supply and installation of the roof covering and wall cladding including the secondary members and all related accessories for new buildings as well as retrofitted buildings.

“BCOMS” is the largest supplier of Sandwich panels in Saudi Arabia. The company’s sandwich panels are exported to all Middle East & North Africa (MENA), GCC and Asian countries.

Zamil Architectural Industries

Zamil Architectural Industries is a member of the Zamil Holding based in Saudi Arabia. We specialized in the production and supply of façade systems offering solutions to every architectural requirement. Our Scope of work includes design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. Zamil Architectural Industries was formed by merging some of Zamil Group of Companies, involved in the common vision of construction and architectural fields. Zamil Architectural Industries has three major divisions: Metal Works, Doors & Gates, and Shade Guard Division.

Major products of the Metal Works division are aluminium curtain wall, structural glazing, skylight, aluminium cladding systems, doors & windows, and louvers. It also includes stainless steel balustrade/handrail, wall & column cladding and frameless glass.

In our Door & Gates division, the products are Zamil Industrial shutters, Gates/Operators, Traffic Barrier (Boom Gate), Sliding Gate and Operators. The third division as stated above is the Shades division and with HDPE shade and PVC membrane structure.

Zamil Architectural Industries head office is based in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has regional sales & technical offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait and authorized agents in the Gulf and Middle East.

Zamil Architectural Industries aims to offer clients a wide range of quality products and is actively developing new products through technology transfer, joint ventures or agency with companies located all over the world who are leaders in their technologies.

Zamil Industrial Coating Co.

Zamil Industrial Coatings (ZINDCO), is a group company belonging to the Zamil Group, based in Saudi Arabia.

Zamil Group has over hundred group and affiliated companies in the manufacturing, trading, and services sector. Some of the prominent companies in the Group are Zamil Steel, Zamil Plastics, Zamil Food, Zamil Air Conditioners, Zamil Aluminium, Zamil Operations & Maintenance Co. Ltd.

Zamil Group has over 10,000 people employed in factories, manufacturing plants and offices in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, as well as the Arabian Peninsula, and Houston, USA.

Guardian Industries Co. Ltd.

Guardian Industries Company Ltd. was established in 1978 as 100% Saudi Company and in the year 1989 its proprietorship on joint venture was transferred to Hamad Abdullah Zamil Group and Yusuf Bin Ahamed Kanoo Company in order to become as a big Company, adding the expertise and experience of both companies together in winning combination, achieving together success of investment in markets of the Region. In addition to manufacturing high quality and world standard fence security systems.

Ranco & Zamil Concrete Industries

Rabiah-Nassar and Zamil concrete industries is a joint venture between two major Saudi companies, Rabiah & Nassar Group and Zamil Industrial.

Rabiah-Nassar and Zamil Concrete Industries is a trusted name for more than three decades for pre-stressed / precast concrete systems and is a pioneer in the field with many landmark projects.

Known for its engineering capabilities and uncompromising quality in delivering complex structures with excellent architectural finish Rabiah-Nassar and Zamil has executed many prestigious projects for schools, university buildings, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings, wedding halls, malls, industrial & residential buildings, wide span buildings and bridges.

As part of continuous endeavour to adopt latest technology Rabiah-Nassar and Zamil built a new state of the art manufacturing facilities for concrete batching & mixing plants, hollow core slabs production lines , and a circulated pallet factory for panels.

Rabiah-Nassar and Zamil is maintaining its leadership position in the precast industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through technological and project management capabilities delivering best value to customers.

Armacell Zamil Middle East Co. Ltd.

Armacell is a manufacturer of engineered foams and the world leader in the market for flexible technical insulation materials. In the financial year 2013, the company generated an annual turnover of 500 million euros. The group employs around 2,500 people and has 20 factories in 13 countries. It is headquartered in Munster, Germany.

ARMAFLEX is the leading brand in the field of flexible technical insulation. The company also produces thermoplastic insulation materials, covering systems, fire protection and noise control solutions as well as special foams for a multitude of industrial applications. Over the last two years, Armacell has developed new insulation systems for the oil and gas market, core foams for composite materials, and low-smoke products that are setting new standards in the industry.

Arabian Fiberglass Insulation Co. Ltd.

Arabian Fiberglass Insulation Co., Ltd. (AFICO) are manufacturers of fiber glass, also known as glass wool, thermal and acoustical insulation products since its inception in 1981 with headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in Dammam First Industrial city in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AFICO is the only manufacturer of glass wool Insulation products in Saudi Arabia with well-recognized reputation in different markets worldwide such as GCC, Middle East, Africa and Far East countries.

AFICO is a joint venture between the Zamil Industrial Investment Company (ZI) along with Gulf Insulation Group (GIG) owns 51% of the company shares and Owens Corning Corporation of USA owns 49%. AFICO manufactures premium quality products comparable to those sold in the United States and Europe, under license in utilizing the know-how and technical specifications of Owens Corning. Over its 25 years of experience in the field, AFICO has developed its own expertise in its endeavour to lead the market in terms of its high quality products and services.

Saudi Rock Wool Factory

Saudi Rock Wool Factory is a member of (GIG) Gulf Insulation Group and a subsidiary of Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industrial). Saudi Rock Wool Factory Co. provides the local and international market with numerous thermal insulation, construction and industrial materials.

In 2011, Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industrial) merged its insulation sector with GIG and became managing partner of the group, with a 51% controlling stake. The company subsidiaries are: Arabian Fiberglass Insulation Co. (AFICO) [51%]; Saudi Rock Wool Factory Co. (SRWF) [100%]; and Saudi Pre-Insulated Pipes Industries (SPPI) [100%].

Saudi Pre-insulated Pipes Industries

Saudi Preinsulated Pipes Industries established in 1981 and started production in 1983 - SPPI is a member of (GIG) Gulf Insulation Group and a subsidiary of Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industrial).

In 2011, Zamil Industrial Investment Company (Zamil Industrial) merged its insulation sector with GIG and became managing partner of the group, with a 51% controlling stake. The company subsidiaries are: Arabian Fiberglass Insulation Co. (AFICO) [51%]; Saudi Rock Wool Factory Co. (SRWF) [100%]; and Saudi Pre-Insulated Pipes Industries (SPPI) [100%].

The manufacturing facility is located in the Riyadh Second Industrial City and is engaged in manufacturing of Preinsulated piping system "Utilizing spray and injection method". It is also involved in manufacturing of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes, steel fabrication and Anti-Corrosion (FBE, 3LPE) pipes protection.

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