Projects Gallery

We have successfully designed, developed, constructed many key civil engineering and infrastructure projects throughout the Kingdom, including factories, shopping malls, warehouses, distribution centers, offices, corporate showrooms, aircraft hangars, workshops, supermarkets, hypermarkets and more.

<br><b>Client:</b> Al Mutlaq Real Estate | Dar Al-Omran<br><b>Usage:</b> THE MOVE<br><b>Job Site:</b> Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Al Mutlaq Real Estate | Dar Al-Omran
Jubail, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Gulf Real Estate | MDEC
<br><b>Usage:</b> West Avenue
<br><b>Job Site:</b> Dammam, Saudi Arabia

West Avenue
Gulf Real Estate | MDEC
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Le Masters<br><b>Usage:</b> SPIMACO<br><b>Job Site:</b> Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Le Masters
Khobar, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Tamimi Group | VADO<br><b>Usage:</b> Tamimi Markets<br><b>Job Site:</b> Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Tamimi Markets
Tamimi Group | VADO
Khobar, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Zamil Alpala | Gulf Consultant<br><b>Usage:</b> Zamil Alpala Factory<br><b>Job Site:</b> Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Zamil Alpala Factory
Zamil Alpala | Gulf Consultant
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Saudi Albitek | GAP<br><b>Usage:</b> Baby Wipes Factory<br><b>Job Site:</b> Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

Baby Wipes Factory
Saudi Albitek | GAP
Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> BACS | RMTC
<br><b>Usage:</b> 1F5 Riyadh Metro
<br><b>Job Site:</b> Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

1F5 Riyadh Metro
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Zamil Steel | Bechtel<br><b>Usage:</b> Alba Factory<br><b>Job Site:</b> Bahrain

Alba Factory
Zamil Steel | Bechtel

<br><b>Client:</b> Al Ghurair | AECOM<br><b>Usage:</b> Bus Stop + Pedestrian Bridge (17 + 5)<br><b>Job Site:</b> Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Bus Stop + Pedestrian Bridge (17 + 5)
Al Ghurair | AECOM
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia