Projects Gallery

We have successfully designed, developed, constructed many key civil engineering and infrastructure projects throughout the Kingdom, including factories, shopping malls, warehouses, distribution centers, offices, corporate showrooms, aircraft hangars, workshops, supermarkets, hypermarkets and more.

<br><b>Client:</b> Ministry of Finance<br><b>Usage:</b> Aircraft Hangar<br><b>Job Site:</b> Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Aircraft Hangar
Ministry of Finance
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Sadara Chemical | El Seif Engineering<br><b>Usage:</b> Chemical Complex<br><b>Job Site:</b> Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Chemical Complex
Sadara Chemical | El Seif Engineering
Jubail, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> GCCIA / ABB<br><b>Usage:</b> GCCIA<br><b>Job Site:</b> Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Petro Rabigh / Aramco<br><b>Usage:</b> IWSPP Project<br><b>Job Site:</b> Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

IWSPP Project
Petro Rabigh / Aramco
Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Fawwaz Al-Hokair<br><b>Usage:</b> Mall of Arabia<br><b>Job Site:</b> Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Mall of Arabia
Fawwaz Al-Hokair
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Saudi Aramco<br><b>Usage:</b> North Park Office Complex<br><b>Job Site:</b> Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

North Park Office Complex
Saudi Aramco
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> SABIC | Tecnicas Reunidas S.A.<br><b>Usage:</b> Petrokemya Packaging & Product Warehouse<br><b>Job Site:</b> Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Petrokemya Packaging & Product Warehouse
SABIC | Tecnicas Reunidas S.A.
Jubail, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Tamimi Group<br><b>Usage:</b> Rakkah Store 106<br><b>Job Site:</b> Saudi Arabia

Rakkah Store 106
Tamimi Group
Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Dywidag<br><b>Usage:</b> Unicoil<br><b>Job Site:</b> Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Jubail, Saudi Arabia