Zamil Process Equipment Co. Ltd.

Zamil Process Equipment Co. Ltd.

Established in 2003, Zamil Process Equipment Co. Ltd., is one of the business units of Zamil Steel Holding Co. Ltd., Zamil Process Equipment Co. Ltd. has a large production capacity, with expertise in the field of manufacturing, site construction and heavy lift.

A dedicated team is in place to undertake all activities related engineering, management and execution of large projects for oil, gas and petrochemical industries in the Gulf region.

All our products and services incorporate the highest level of engineering technology and are manufactured in strict accordance with internationally recognized codes and standards.

Product Range

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Oil/Gas Separators
  • Heat-Exchangers/Storage-Tanks
  • Desalters/Fired Heaters
  • Air-Cooled Heat-Exchangers
  • Skid Mounted Modules
  • Desalination Evaporators
  • Furnaces/Columns/Reactors


We have the capacity to design, fabricate and assemble at site.

Industries Served

  • Petrochemical Plants/Refineries
  • Steel and Aluminum Mills
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Desalination Plants
  • Power Plants

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