Construction Terms

Design-Build is a project delivery method which combines architectural and engineering design services with construction performance under one contract agreement.
The individual or organization that performs the design and prepares plans and specifications for the work to be performed. The designer can be an architect, an engineer, or an organization which combines professional services.
Traditionally the first stage of the designer's basic services. In the schematic stage, the designer ascertains the requirements of the project and prepares schematic design studies consisting of drawings and other documents illustrating the scale and relationships of the project.
The transition from the schematic phase to the completion of the design development. During this stage ancillary space is developed and dimensions are finalized. Outline specifications are developed into technical specifications; sections are delineated and elevations are defined. Also known as Design Development.
The stage of the design process when drawings and specifications are completed for construction bid purposes. It is preceded by the preliminary design stage, and followed by the procurement phase. The designation used by designers for the last part of the design process prior to procurement.
The field costs directly attributed to the construction of a project, including labor, material, equipment, subcontracts and their associated costs.
Graphic representations showing the relationships, geometry and dimensions of the elements of the work.