Construction Terms

A list of basic contract segments in both labor and material, where each line item consists of a description of a portion of work and a related cost and the sum of the lines of the contract equals the total contract price. Generally used to determine progress payments to contractor(s).
Identification of all requirements of a project or contract.
Changes that expand or reduce the requirements of the project during design or construction.
Drawings typically prepared by the contractor, based upon the contract documents and provided in sufficient detail that indicate to the designer that the contractor intends to construct the referenced work in a manner that is consistent with the design intent and the contract documents.
The planning and scheduling of prime contractor(s) activities on site, for the short duration or `foreseeable future` usually developed on a week-by-week basis using milestones for planning intervals and coordinated by ZSCC personnel.
The designation for various professionals, including engineers, architects, designers and other experts, who provide expertise in specialized fields.
The detailed written descriptions of materials, equipment, systems, and required workmanship and other qualitative information pertaining to the work.
The period prior to occupancy when systems are activated and checked out, and the owner's operating and maintenance staff assumes the control and operation of the systems.
A contractor who has a contract with a prime contractor to perform work.
Transmittal of information as required by the contract documents.