Zamil Steel supplies pre-engineered buildings for Jeddah F1 Circuit

Sunday, 12th December 2021

Zamil Steel supplies pre-engineered steel buildings for Agility Logistics Warehouses Project

Zamil Steel, a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of various high-quality steel products and the Middle East’s premier supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings and structural steel products, has recently been awarded a contract by Hard Mission Events Company to design, manufacture, and supply pre-engineered steel buildings for the Royal Outlook Building at Jeddah’s Formula One Circuit, in the western region of Saudi Arabia.

The project presents a considerable design engineering challenge, as these unique and complicated structures are irregular in shape. There are five non-identical buildings, each with a flat roof made from a 150-mm-thick reinforced concrete slab and with concrete block walls.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit was constructed in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea port city of Jeddah to host the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in December 2021. It features the longest and fastest street circuit in Formula One history. The penultimate race concluded one of the most thrilling Formula One seasons.

Zamil Steel was chosen for this important project because of its proven technical expertise in delivering high-quality products and solutions and because of the client’s confidence in its ability to meet the unique challenges that this project presents. This significant award will be added to Zamil Steel’s record of achievements and will undoubtedly lead to the securing of further prestigious contracts in the future.